IVA+Plus Billing Information

website builder Many insurance companies recognize the validity of Continuous Performance Tests (CPT) in clarifying the diagnosis of ADHD. Some insurance companies require any psychological testing to be pre-approved and it may be necessary to provide documentation regarding the reasons for the testing. If testing using IVA+Plus is questioned, IVA+Plus Reliability and Validity studies are included in the IVA+Plus Interpretation Manual, and permission is granted to registered users to copy these studies for the purpose of obtaining reimbursement for services rendered. Effective January 1st, 2006, CPT codes for billing have changed. Billing procedures now require different codes depending upon who performed the testing – the clinician, a technician, or solely computer based testing. Further information may be found at the apapractice.org.

Current Billing Codes used for Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing

Psychological testing, interpretation and reporting per hour by a psychologist Billed as 1 unit per hour. Includes test administration, interpretation, and report writing. Typically billed 3-4 units and up to 6 units is usually covered.

Psychological testing per hour by a technician

Psychological testing by a computer, including time for the psychologist’s interpretation and reporting

Neuropsychological Test, Interpretation and Reporting per hour by a psychologistBilled as 1 unit per hour. Includes I.Q., memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed, mental flexibility and other neuropsychological tests. Typically billed as 6-7 units.

Neuropsychological testing per hour by a Technician

Neuropsychological testing by a computer, including time for the psychologist’s interpretation and reporting

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