Adding/Creating Players in SmartMind

From the opening SmartMind screen, click on “Add New Player” which will open the Player Information dialog box.

Here you can enter a new player’s first and last name, screen-name, gender and birthday. At the top of the Add Player box is the Player ID.  The Player ID is randomly generated and cannot be changed.  The Player ID information is used for importing a player with a cloud license to another computer and the display on the main screen can also be “Deidentified” such that only the Player IDs are shown to help protect confidentiality.

The “Screen Name” is also randomly generated, but you can press the “Generate” button to create a new one or enter one manually.

A password is required and will need to be created for each player. The password must be at least six characters long with at least one letter and one number.  However, the password is only necessary to enter during normal usage under the following conditions:

  • If the “Player Password Enabled for Player Mode” box is checked, a prompt to enter the player password will appear each time MindPower Builder is started from Player Mode.
  • The Player Password will be used to manage the player’s information including transferring or updating his or her data to the Cloud system (if used) or when importing a Player from the Cloud.

The Enable Changing Cloud Player Options” will enable/disable whether or not you can run the Test Battery and edit this player’s training plan, if this player is a cloud player.

Once all the desired Add Player information has been entered, click “OK” to add the new player or click “Cancel” to return to the player select menu. The current list of all licensed players is displayed under Select Player.

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