MindWave Mobile / Mobile + / Mobile 2 Connection Issues

MindWave Mobile / Mobile +

If you are having trouble connecting to your MindWave headset, please follow the troubleshooting instructions below.  Note that these instructions are specific to the black, Bluetooth edition of the MindWave.  There are different troubleshooting steps for the white and blue MindWave.

There are several different versions of the MindWave Mobile

  • MindWave Mobile (requires a specific Pairing procedure with the power button on the headset)
  • MindWave Mobile +
  • MindWave Mobile 2 (round sensor at the front, ear clip is different design).

Windows Setup

Turn on the headset. The blue LED will turn on. You can pair the device at anytime after this point.

Windows 10

  • Click Settings
  • Click Devices
  • Click Bluetooth
  • Select MindWave Mobile, Click Pair.  If you see multiple devices named MindWave Mobile, select the option with a headset icon. If prompted for a Passkey, please enter 0000.

Windows 8 & 8.1

  • Click Settings, Control Panel
  • Click Add Device
  • Select MindWave Mobile and click Next.
  • It may take several minutes to install necessary files for your system.
  • Click Close to complete pairing. If prompted for a passkey, please enter 0000.

Windows 7

  • Click Start, then Control Panel.
  • Click Add Device
  • Select MindWave Mobile and click Next.
  • Click Close to complete pairing. If prompted for a passkey, please enter 0000.

Connect to Headset in SmartMind / MindPower Builder / Memory Gym, etc.

  1. Once the Headset is paired and appears in your list of Bluetooth devices, start the BrainTrain program that you wish to connect to the headset.
  2. Click on “Setup EEG Device” to search for the headset.
  3. If you see the “Neurosky MindWave Mobile” in the Detected Device list, then press Continue.  If that device does not appear, press the “Scan Again” button to search.  If the device still continues to not appear in the list of Detected Devices, check that the headset is powered on and is Paired under Bluetooth Devices.  If both of those are true and the headset still does not appear, please contact BrainTrain Support for further assistance.
  4. After pressing “Continue,” the program will attempt to handshake with the headset.  If all goes well, this process will be successful.  If the device fails to connect (but was in the list of Detected EEG Devices”), then follow these troubleshooting steps:
    1. Verify that the device is turned on.
    2. When attempting to Connect the Device, pay attention to any error messages that may appear in the Log at the bottom of the screen and the status of the “Detected EEG Devices” dropdown menu.
      • If you see a message “The Hardware Device is Not Responding” then try a new battery in the device. Low battery charges will lead to a device appearing in the Detected List, but failing to actually connect.  The headsets can be unforgiving with low battery charges.
      • If you see a message similar to “The Device appears to be in use by another program” then make sure you don’t have the device paired with a different computer or connected to a different application.
    3. Close all programs that may be paired with or using the device and then Remove the Device from the Bluetooth Devices list and re-pair the device.
    4. Restart the computer.
    5. If all of the above fails to resolve the connection issue, please contact BrainTrain support for assistance.

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