Catastrophic Failure or Feature Transfer Error when attempting an Installation

Some common, possible causes of the Catastrophic Failure and/or File Transfer Error message during installation include:
  1. You are installing the software under a user account that does not have administrator privileges.  Double check that the User Profile you are using has sufficient Admin privileges to install software.  If in doubt, try a different user.
  2. The Installation Media could have been corrupted in some way.  This could be a corrupted download, incomplete download, a dirty or scratched DVD, bad DVD copy or dirty CD/DVD drive.  If attempting the installation from a disc, make sure that the disc isn’t damaged.  You may also want to try to install the software from a trial download instead or request a new DVD.
  3. The hard drive you are installing the program on could be experiencing issues in which case you would need to run a chkdsk scan and a speed disk scan to determine that your hard drive is okay.

If the problem persists after investigating those causes, or if you require assistance with any of those checks, please open a support ticket with the details of the error you are receiving.

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