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Registration Instructions for a Computer with Internet Access

The registration procedures outlined below work for the following products: Captain’s Log MindPower Builder Any of the Memory Gyms Attention Gym AE TNT Reading (version 2012.1 and above) Screenshots and images (where available) may differ slightly from what is shown below but all the options should be the same. For Initial Start-Up (Professional and Cloud)…

Software Registration on a Computer without Internet

If you do not have internet access on the system where the software is installed please submit a support ticket so that our technical support staff can assist you with manual registration.

How to Move/Transfer License to a New Computer

You can move or Transfer your Station license(s) and/or Player licenses to a new computer without assistance from BrainTrain Support.   Player Licenses may be deactivated and reactivated twice.  Cloud licenses cannot be deactivated and transferred to a new player, but you can import any existing Cloud Players to a new computer. This procedure works…