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Does TNT Reading work with children who have learning disabilities?

Yes! TNT Reading offers extensive training in areas such as phonics and decoding, which many children with learning disabilities have trouble doing. In addition, it is possible to set the passing grade level so that children of all ability levels can succeed and receive certificates and video game rewards for making progress.

Is there any research that TNT Reading is based on?

TNT Reading is based on many years of research. There are numerous research studies that show the effectiveness of the seven components of reading that are used in the TNT Reading System. These research studies show that the training of letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonic skills, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory and attention…

How Does TNT Reading Differ from the TNT Reading Tutor?

The TNT Reading Tutor is the home version of TNT Reading Pro. It is licensed for two players for one year at a time. The TNT Reading Professional version has many more customizable options than the TNT Reading Tutor; it enables educators and professionals to easily “fine tune” training for each child.