Differences between IVA-2 and IVA-QS

The differences between the IVA-2 and IVA-QS programs are outlined in the chart below:

Primary PurposeClinical diagnosis and in-depth analysisQuick screening test
Assesses Both Visual and Auditory Modalities?YESYES
Age Range for Norms?6-96 (N=1700, divided by age/gender)6-96 (N=1700, divided by age/gender)
Test Length?15 mins8 mins
Free Online Parent, Teacher, and Self Rating Scales?YESYES
Number of Test Scales?8232
Malingering Included?YESNO
Test-Retest Reliability?HighHigh
Technician Can Administer?YESYES
Standard 3-Year License with Report Writer?
Charged Per Test and Per Report
YESYES, test purchase includes reports
Deluxe 3- Year License with Report Writer?
Unlimited Tests. Reports Purchased as Needed
Premium 3-Year License with Report Writer?
Unlimited Tests, Unlimited Reports
Number of Types of Data Analysis?102
Number of Different Types of Reports Available?93
Purchase Only Tests Without Reports?YESNO
Built-In Word Processor for Reports?YESYES
Diagnostic Report to Guide ADHD Diagnosis?YESYES
Comparative Report for Evaluating Medical or Psychosocial Interventions?YESYES
Integrates ADHD Rating Scales into Diagnostic Report?YESYES
Tech Support and Updates Included for Duration of License?YESYES
Diagnostic Accuracy90% More Info87% More Info
Standard ReportYESYES
ADHD Rating Scale ReportYESYES
Comparative ReportYESYES
Diagnostic ReportYESYES
Detailed ReportYESNO
Comprehensive ReportYESNO
Sustained Attention ReportYESNO
High/Low Demand ReportYESNO
Sensory Modality ReportYESNO

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