How to check the quantity of tests or reports currently available?

There are several ways to verify how many tests and/or reports you currently have available on your testing system.  The most visible way is that the current number of Tests and Reports are displayed on the Main Administration Screen (grey screen with the “Test New Person, Retest a Person, etc. buttons) above and to the right of the “Retest a Person” button.  As your license gets closer to 0 available, the text will change from Black to Red.

You can also check the available licenses for both the IVA+Plus and the IVA-AE simultaneously from the Test Battery II screen. This method has the added advantage of providing detail on the other currently registered options, not just available Test and/or Report Administrations.

Verifying Current Licenses from the Test Battery II

  1. Launch the Test Battery II program
  2. Go to the Register menu and select “View Licenses”

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