How to Create a New Database in IVA-QS

You may prefer to save your IVA-QS data to a different location or under a different filename than the default selected by the program.  An example of how this might be useful would be a situation in which multiple examiners in one office are using the test, and each clinician wishes to save IVA-QS data in his or her own individualized database file.

To create a new database please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Home Menu, select Database Management.
  2. Click the Create New Database button.
  3. Select the location to which you would like to save the new database, and enter the name of the new database in the File Name field.
  4. Click Save. The location and name of the database you have created will appear in the Current Database field in the Database Management window. Make sure that it is correct before you proceed with testing, as your results will be saved to this file.

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