How to Switch between IVA-QS Databases

After administering a test, records will automatically save to the database file shown in the Current Database field of Database Management. To select an alternate existing database to which to save files or from which to review records, follow the instructions below.

Please note that IVA-QS databases are not designed to be networked or shared between different computers. Consequently, it is not recommended that two different IVA-QS programs “map” to the same shared database. Databases can be merged and the records combined, but they should be loaded and accessed by only one program at a time.

To load a different database:

  1. From the Home Menu, select Database Management.
  2. Click the Load Database button
  3. Find the location of the database you would like to access, select it, and click Open. The location and name of the database you have selected will appear in the Current Database field. Make sure that it is correct before you proceed with testing, as your results will be saved to this file.

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