How to Transfer IVA-2 to a New Computer

The process below is used to transfer an already started license from one working computer to another.
Before starting this process make sure that IVA-2 is installed and properly working on both machines. You will also need the Customer ID and Password you were provided with your original registration instructions. If you need the latest download of IVA-2 or your Customer ID/Password, please contact BrainTrain support for assistance.

  1. On the currently licensed IVA-2 on your old PC, Select the Registration & Support Menu.
  2. Select the Transfer Registration Button.
  3. Enter your Customer ID and Password in the fields as instructed.
  4. A screen will appear telling you how many transfers you have remaining for the license.  Each license is allowed to transfer 5 times before being locked at the station it was last applied to.
  5. Select “Yes”
  6. A window will appear telling you if the registration was successfully transferred.

After you have transferred your License back to the server, you will want to Register the new station.  To do this follow the instructions below.

  1. On the computer you wish to transfer to open the IVA-2 program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop
  2. It should then walk you through the normal registration process by prompting you that you are running in trial version
  3. The program will then ask you to make sure your date and time are correct.  Once checked press “Yes”
  4. Enter your Customer ID and Password in the fields as instructed
  5. If the license you made available for transfer is the only one available your IVA-2 will automatically activate it.
  6. If you had other licenses available as well, you will have to choose the proper license from the menu.
After you have Registered your new station, you will want to transfer your Database to the new computer.  Below are the instructions for this process.
  1. Start the IVA-2 program on the old computer.
  2. Click on the “Database Management” menu on the right.
  3. Choose the option for “Backup Database”
  4. A New window will appear prompting you for the Save location.  Choose a location that is accessible from the new computer on your network or save to a removable drive like a USB Thumb drive that can be later transferred to the new computer.  The default file name will be Backup-IVA-2-Database-Month-Day-Year-Hour-Minute.  You can leave that as the default value.
  5. Once you’ve chosen the proper save location, press the “Save” button.
  6. You will be prompted that “Database has been backed up.”
  7. Now move over to the new computer and start the IVA-2 program.
  8. Click on the “Database Management” menu on the right.
  9. If the IVA-2 Station on your old PC is running version 2018.1 or earlier then you will need to convert the database format.  To do this click ‘Update To New Database Format’ and select your Database backup created in Step 5.  You can save the converted database to the same location.
  10. Choose the option for “Merge Databases” and then choose the location where the backup made earlier (Step 5 above) is stored.  The “Merge” command will add the records from the previous backup to your currently loaded database on the new computer.  Other options are “Restore” (overwrites the existing database with the old database, any new records in the currently loaded database will be lost) and “Load” (will load the backup file as the Main loaded database).  We recommend using Merge as it preserves all the data.
  11. When the Merge operation is complete, you will be shown a dialog box that displays the number of New Records and the number of any duplicate records that were added to the Loaded database.


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