“Index was outside the bounds of the array” when starting an Exercise

The error message “”Index was outside the bounds of the array” that occurs when starting a Training Exercise in MindPower Builder can be caused by an unsupported video card or a video card that has an improperly installed or out of date driver installed.

  1.  First, let’s check to see if the system’s video card will support the proper version of DirectX.  The GPU-Z Utility can run a scan of your video card and determine if it supports DirectX 10.
  2. You will want to pay attention to the highlighted sections in the graphic above.  The “DirectX Support” section should display at least 10.0 in order to properly use BrainTrain software.  The “Name” section should display a manufacturer name and model number for your installed card.  If you see anything like “Generic VGA Graphics Adapter” or anything else that looks non-specific, then that could be an indication that you have the wrong video card driver file installed.  You would then want to check with the Support website for your computer manufacturer to be sure that you have the proper video driver installed.
  3. If you have verified that your video card driver is properly installed and your video card supports 10.0 or above and you still are experiencing trouble, then please contact BrainTrain Technical Support by submitting a support ticket.

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