iPad Configuration for Remote Testing

Disable Notifications
It is important that you set up your iOS Remote Testing Device correctly and disable notifications. You can do so by going into the settings options of your RTD and selecting “Notifications”. Under the table titled “Notification Style” you will see a list of the apps that have notifications enabled. For each app select it and turn off the button option “Allow Notifications.” (see example)

Disable Gestures
You also need to go to the “Settings” and select the “General Options” on your iPad.  Under the “General” listings, disable the option called “Gestures.” (see example)

iPhone Specific Settings – Airplane Mode
If you choose to use the iPhone as an RTD, you will need to disable Notifications along with Gestures as described above AND set the phone in Airplane mode with WIFI enable. When the phone is set in Airplane mode it will not ring or receive messages, but with WIFI active (by tapping the WIFI button after setting the phone in Airplane mode) the test data can be automatically saved.

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