Transferring to IVA-2 when IVA+Plus and IVA-2 are installed on different PCs.

The normal transfer process requires that you install IVA-2 onto the same PC where you have IVA+Plus installed and registered.  However, in some cases this is not possible (IVA+Plus is installed on XP which IVA-2 does not support) or you may wish to move your testing station to a new computer.  In those instances, follow the steps below.
  1. Follow these instructions to verify the number of remaining Tests and Reports on your IVA+Plus license and open a support ticket to report that information to Technical Support.
  2. Follow the download/installation instructions you received with your order for IVA-2 on the new computer while you await a response from support.
  3. Create a backup of your IVA+Plus Database so that it can be moved to the new computer and converted for usage in IVA-2.
  4. Once you receive a reply from support, follow the instructions to “Reset” your IVA+Plus licenses on the old computer and reply back to your support ticket once that process is complete.
  5. BrainTrain support will then setup your new license for the IVA-2 and reply back with registration instructions.  Follow those instructions to apply your new IVA-2 license.
  6. Follow the instructions to convert your old IVA+Plus backup for usage in IVA-2 and merge that into the IVA-2 system.


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