IVA+Plus Test Interrupted During Middle of Test

Pup-ups and update notifications can cause the IVA+Plus / AE products to interrupt or minimize in the middle of the test.  This may present as the test minimizing down to a small bar directly above the Windows Start menu or a total disruption of the test causing it to be interrupted.

Some common programs we have found which can cause this behavior are:

  • Java Update Notifications
  • Adobe Update Notifications
  • Microsoft Windows Updates
  • Antivirus updates/scans
  • Messaging Programs

The solution would be to reschedule those updates to run at times when the computer would be on, but testing is unlikely to be occurring.  You can also disable any unnecessary items that may run on startup to further reduce the incidence of the interruptions.  It may be necessary to perform a program-by-program process of elimination to resolve the problem completely.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, please open a support ticket for further assistance.


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