MindWave Mobile II Pairing

Below are instructions for the MindWave Mobile II connection process.  There are three parts to the process which I have broken down into sections below.  First you will connect the external Bluetooth receiver to your PC (if your PC already has an internal receiver then you can skip this step).  Second you will pair the MindWave Mobile II device to your PC in the Settings menu for Bluetooth devices.   Third you will connect the MindWave Mobile II device in SmartMind 4.​

1. Connect the external Bluetooth receiver to your PC
If you are running Windows 10 and do not have an internal Bluetooth receive installed on the PC then you will first need to install the external Bluetooth receiver (check your System Tray for a Bluetooth icon, if a Bluetooth icon is present you can skip to the next section).  To install the external Bluetooth receiver, simply insert the USB Bluetooth receiver and you should see an indication from Windows that the device is being setup.  You can also type into the search bar ‘Bluetooth and other devices settings’ and pull up that menu.  The Bluetooth receiver should appear on the list.  You may see a message with the device saying ‘Driver Error’.  The PC will need to reboot to complete installation.

2. Pair the MindWave Mobile II device to your PC

When you come back into Windows you can check the System Tray in the lower right corner.  Click on the ^ arrow and you should see icons.  

Right-click the Bluetooth icon and select ‘Add a Bluetooth Device’.  




In the next window you should see an option to ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’.

In the next Window select ‘Bluetooth’.  




The pairing window will appear.  At this point you can insert a fresh battery and turn on the MindWave Mobile II device.  







You will want to select the ‘MindWave Mobile’ option with a headset icon, this may take a moment to appear.  Problems can arise if you connect the  MindWave Mobile II with the generic device icon.  






Next you should see a message indicating the device is connected.



3. Connect the MindWave Mobile II Device in SmartMind 4
In SmartMind 4 you will want to select the desired Player under the ‘Select Player’ menu then select ‘Setup EEG Device’.  In the next window you should see a drop down menu with device options.  Select the ‘MindWave Mobile’.

The connection process should start and the device should connect momentarily.  You will then see screen indicating the device is connected.

Here is an article from our help site that includes troubleshooting suggestions in case the MindWave Mobile fails to connect in SmartMind 4: https://www.braintrainhelp.com/bluetooth-mindwave-connection-issues/
Relevant section below.
If the device fails to connect (but was in the list of Detected EEG Devices”), then follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify that the device is turned on.
  2. When attempting to Connect the Device, pay attention to any error messages that may appear in the Log at the bottom of the screen and the status of the “Detected EEG Devices” dropdown menu.

  • If you see a message “The Hardware Device is Not Responding” then try a new battery in the device. Low battery charges will lead to a device appearing in the Detected List, but failing to actually connect. The headsets can be unforgiving with low battery charges.
  • If you see a message similar to “The Device appears to be in use by another program” then make sure you don’t have the device paired with a different computer or connected to a different application.

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