Missing Data / Can’t Find a Test Report for IVA+Plus or IVA-AE

Typically, if you don’t see the testee’s name on the list of available tests, then the test data simply isn’t there. Its possible the test was interrupted prior to the end and the data wasn’t saved. There would be no way to recover that data from a different location. However, you can try a couple of things to be sure that the test data is actually missing.

1) Be sure that when you click on “View and Print Reports’ that you have your settings configured (at least temporarily) to show the entire list of names. The default forces you to enter the Name and Date of Birth. If there was a typo in the name or DOB when first entered (or while you’re searching) that would result in a “No Records Found” when searching by the default method.

You can set the system to “Show All Names” by clicking on the File menu from the IVA+Plus or IVA-AE Admin screen (where the 7 buttons, New Test, View and Print…etc.) are located and then choosing “Access to Records” then “View All Names.” Afterwards, click on the “View and Print Reports” button again. That should display the list of EVERYONE in the database. You could then click on the column header for “Test Date” to sort the tests by Test date which would make finding a recent test a bit easier.

2) Check to be sure that the subject wasn’t tested under the other Test Battery inadvertently (i.e, check the IVA+Plus if you can’t find the data in IVA-AE or check the IVA-AE if you can’t find the data in IVA+Plus). If so, you should find the test data there under “View and Print Reports.”

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