Troubleshooting Issues with a Network Database

If you are having issues connecting and remaining connected to a database that is accessed across the network there are a couple of solutions that can help to resolve the issue.

  1. Make sure that the computer where the database is located is always on when trying to access the database.
  2. Check that all computers are trying to access the exact same database path.
  3. Make sure the folder where the databases are stored is shared and accessible by other computers and network users.
  4. Use Windows Explorer to try and access the Database location from the computer where you are having trouble with the program.  This should help narrow down whether its a general Windows networking issue or a settings issue in the program.
  5. Make sure that all computers you are trying to connect to network database have been authorized to access the files. (Tell computer to remember password when accessing the file from within explorer).
  6. If the program starts but you see no players, verify that the computer station is licensed.  Only players with a valid license will display in the Player list.


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