Troubleshooting Web Test Login Errors

If you receive an error like:
“There was a problem communicating with the server. Please check your internet connection”
when signing into the Web Remote Test, try the following suggestions:
  1. First, make sure your connection is Secure.  Check the address bar to see if you see the Padlock symbol or a “Not Secure” warning.

    If you see “Not Secure” and the Warning Triangle, then make sure you are using the link starting with https:// (you can just add that in front of
  2. Restart the computer first and try the test login again.
  3. Close any extra tabs or browser windows you have open in addition to the tab with the IVA-2 Web test and then try the web test Login again.
  4. Check to make sure Chrome is up-to-date.  To do this go to the menu by clicking the set of three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

    Go to ‘Help’ then ‘About Google Chrome’.

    A window should appear indicating if there are any updates available. Install any updates that are available. If no updates are available then proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

  5. If your browser is up-to-date then you can try clearing the browser cache by clicking CTRL+Shift+DEL.  A window will appear with options.  Make sure the time range selected is ‘All Time’ and check the box for ‘Cached images and files’ then click ‘Clear Data’.

  6. If you continue to have trouble after following those steps, then reach out to Technical Support at Submit a Ticket for further assistance.
Note:  Recently, BrainTrain completed extensive testing to determine if the timing accuracy of wireless mice was now the same as USB wired mice for Windows 10 and the current Mac. We have determined that the mouse timing accuracy for wired or wireless mice when using the current Win or Mac operating systems is equivalent. Thus, wireless mice can now be validly used with all IVA tests without any restrictions.

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