Using a Remote Testing Device for MeSA

You can use either an iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Pro or iPhone (running IOS 10.0 or higher) as a Remote Testing Device (RTD) which can be used to administer and score the MeSA test. If administering the paper version, the Paper forms for the Test must be printed from within the MeSA Windows program.  The RTD cannot be used to perform any test analysis and the test results are transmitted to the Windows PC Station for interpretation and storage. No identifying information is stored on the RTD or in the Cloud database used by this system. All data is encrypted and coded using a random identifier to provide the utmost in data security that meets HIPAA requirements.  A WIFI connection must be active before the test will start. Otherwise, the test administration follows the same guidelines and procedures for the PC version. At the end the test data is automatically uploaded to the Cloud database.

Note that Remote testing should only be administered under the direct supervision of a qualified health care professional or technician. Remote Testing is not intended for use as a Home assessment to be administered without the presence of a qualified observer on site. 

Follow the instructions below to begin using the Remote Testing Device:

  1. Find the free MeSA-AE or MeSA-IE app on the apple app store, download it, and install it on your iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Pro or iPhone (running IOS 10.0 or higher).
  2. Add a person that you want to test in the appropriate MeSA-AE or MeSA-IE program installed on your Windows PC.
  3. Click on “Administer Test” and select that person. Complete the test administration form that then comes up on the screen and then click “Assign Remote Test Device Codes” toward the bottom of the screen.
  4. Note that you can also print off the actual test forms that the testee will need for test administration from this screen via the “Print Test” button.
  5. You will then see the Test Login Info box pop up with both the Test Code and the Password for the person you just registered to test. You can email or print out this information for future use. This screen will also display either the link to the iOS app for installation on your iOS device.
  6. NOTE:  If you have a Premium kit, you may only generate up to 20 Remote Test Licenses (per remote device) at any time. The Standard testing kit is only limited by the number of tests you have available.
  7. When running the test on the iPad, there are two choices for administration.  One (the default option, [Paper]) uses the iPad as a scoring assistant for the paper version of the test.  The other option [Screen(iPad], actually allows for the usage of the iPad and a stylus as the input device for the test, no paper forms required.  Below, you’ll see examples of the first screen of each of the two versions of the test.

    Option 1: Paper Administration, iPad Scoring Assistant




First screen observed on iPad after Logging in, IF using the iPad as a Scoring Assistant

Option 2: Tablet Administration, No Paper Test




First screen observed on iPad/Tablet after Logging in when using the iPad to administer the MeSA test.

Note that the screen orients in Portrait mode to emulate the same orientation that would occur if the test were administered with paper and pencil.  You should rotate your device to match the orientation for the client.

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