Sending Remote Testing Credentials


  1. Once you have assigned a remote test code, a message box will appear with both the Test Code and the Password for the person you just registered to test. You can email or print out this information for future use. This screen will also display either the link to the iOS app for installation or the web link to use for using the Chrome Browser for administration.
  2. To deliver this information to the test client, you can use the “Print” or the “Email” button located at the bottom of the screen.  The “Email” option will work best if you use an installed email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook.  If you use a Web based email system, such as Gmail (wherein you log into a service via a web browser window), then you would be better served by using the “Print” option and using Copy/Paste commands to draft your own email message to the recipient.

Email Option

  1. The “Email” button will first prompt you to enter the email address of the test client who will administer the test remotely. 
  2. After entering the email address, the test system will attempt to open your Default Mail Client/program such as Thunderbird or Outlook.
  3. If you use a Web based email client such as Gmail, your system may not be configured appropriately  Your system may open an unexpected program or just open a blank browser screen. Instructions for configuring Gmail as your default mail client can be found by clicking here.

    In that case, you would be best served by choosing the “Print” button instead of “Email”.

Print Option

  1. The Test Login information and Test url (where appropriate) will appear in a new window.
  2. Highlight the relevant information and press “CTRL+C” or use the mouse’s right-click context menu to Copy that information to your clipboard.
  3. Open your email service and draft a new message to the recipient.  Paste in the previously copied information (CTRL+V or your right-click context menu) and send the message. 
Note:  Recently, BrainTrain completed extensive testing to determine if the timing accuracy of wireless mice was now the same as USB wired mice for Windows 10 and the current Mac. We have determined that the mouse timing accuracy for wired or wireless mice when using the current Win or Mac operating systems is equivalent. Thus, wireless mice can now be validly used with all IVA tests without any restrictions.

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