TReader stream open Byte stream\win32file Cloudsettings.rb is not a valid Rich Binary File

You receive a message similar to the following on start-up of the program:

“TReader stream open Byte stream\win32file\C:\Program Files(x86)\Brain Train\PROGRAM NAME\ Local Data]Cloudsettings.rb is not a valid Rich Binary File” where “PROGRAM NAME” is the name of the program you are attempting to run.

This error indicates that the “CloudSettings.rb” file in the listed directory has become corrupted.  The file must be deleted and it will be rebuilt on the next start-up of the program.  If you are not using Cloud Players with your system, deleting the “CloudSettings.rb” file is the complete solution.

If you are using Cloud Players, follow these instruction.

  1. Browse to the listed directory (C:\Program Files(x86)\Brain Train\PROGRAM NAME\ Local Data) and delete the “CloudSettings.rb” file contained therein.  Be careful to only delete the CloudSettings.rb file and leave the other files remaining.
  2. After deleting the file, restart the program.  The CloudSettings.rb file will be rebuilt.  However, the first time you attempt to use one of your Cloud Players, you’ll receive and error similar to “Cloud Node not Enabled.”
  3. To resolve the “Cloud Node not Enabled” issue, you’ll need to re-import a Cloud player to the computer.  If you have the import information for one of your existing Cloud players you can use that information.  (If you do not have import information, then contact BrainTrain Support for further assistance).  First, you’ll need to get to the “Select Player” screen and then select the Cloud Player you wish to re-import.  Then, click on the “Remove Selected Cloud Player from this Computer” button (DO NOT select “DELETE SELECTED PLAYER”).
  4. After removing the Cloud Player from the computer, click on the “Import Player from Cloud” button and enter the necessary information.
  5. After importing the Cloud Player, you’ll need to go through and select each of the other existing Cloud Players and allow them to run through their update process.  This process can take a significant amount of time especially if your Cloud players have completed many sessions.


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