Installing / Troubleshooting the Wheel in SmartDriver

  1. Connect the pedals to the wheel using the RJ45 connector and attach the wheel to the table.  Full setup instructions are available in the Thrustmaster Red Legend Racing Wheel manual which can be downloaded from
  2. Set the wheel’s USB selector to the “PC” position (located behind the wheel on the left side of the console).Wheel-PC_PS3-Switch-Detail
  3. Go to to download the drivers and advanced programming software for PC
    (select PC / Wheels / Ferrari RW Red Legend, and then select Drivers).
  4. Connect the USB connector to one of your computer’s USB ports.  Windows will automatically detect the new device and install the drivers automatically.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. After driver installation completes, start the SmartDriver Plus program.  From the Wizard, click on the “Advanced” button to enter the advanced interface.
  6. After creating a Player, click on the “Exercise Menu” button.
  7. Under the “Controls” section, select the “FGT Rumble 3-in-1.”  This is the Thrustmaster Wheel.SmartDriver_Wheel_Test
  8. You can now click on “Test Selected Wheel” and test the various buttons and pedals to see if they registered as activated when depressed.
  9. When completed testing, select your Track from the Exercise Menu and press “Play” at the bottom to start the program.

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