Using Attention Assessments to Generate Thresholds for SmartMind Training

The instructions below guide you through the general procedure for setting Training Thresholds in the SmartMind system.  These instructions were generated using the Basic Training Clinician screen, but the steps are the same for each Clinician screen though the screenshots may differ slightly.

Note:  Before setting thresholds, you must first choose your Filter settings and Training Protocol for the trainee.  These instructions do not cover that procedure.

  1. Open the Clinician Screen of your choice and press the “Start Session” button (see example).
  2. Click on the option for “Assessment – Eyes Open”.  Set the Session Time to the desired length and then press “Start.” (see example)  Note that you can also run an “Assessment-Eyes Closed” but that session would not generally be used for setting Training Thresholds as Training is usually completed Eyes Open.
  3. The Attention Assessment will begin. (see example)
  4. Once the Attention Assessment completes, the “Assessment Results” will display.  Review the data, then press “Set Thresholds” and then the “Save” button. (see example)
  5. The “Start Session” selector will appear again.  Press the “Cancel” button to close this screen. (see example)
  6. Once returned to the Clinician Screen, press the “Save Settings” button and then “Exit” to continue with Training. (see example)

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