What is the Interface and Timing Check? How do I use this utility?

The Interface and Timing Check is a utility that allows you to quickly test your sound card, DirectX compatibility and simple mouse reaction time to verify that your reaction times are within normal limits prior to collecting test data.

From the Test Battery II screen, select the “Interface and Timing Check” and press the “Start Program” button at the bottom of the screen. The Interface and Timing Check consists of two tests, one auditory and one visual, with 10 trials each. Click the mouse once as quickly as possible for each target stimuli.

The average reaction time score (denoted as “AVG” on the results screen) for a “normal” adult (i.e., a person without attention, learning or neurological problems) on these checks will be between 170 and 350 milliseconds. If you are a normal adult and have mean reaction time scores outside the range of 170 to 350 milliseconds (after you try your best) while using a USB mouse (not a Wireless mouse or a mouse using port adapters of any kind), your computer system may not be suitable for use with these test programs. If this occurs, please open a support ticket for further assistance.

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