Where do I find the Manual for the IVA+Plus test?

As with any psychological test or software program, we HIGHLY recommend reading the manuals thoroughly before proceeding with a test administration. We also highly recommend administering a test on yourself or a willing participant prior to a “real” test session to familiarize any clinicians with the different stages of the IVA+Plus test.

The IVA+Plus has several manuals available to assist with the proper administration and interpretation of the IVA+Plus test. The 2 major manuals, the “Administration Manual” and the “Interpretation Manual”, may be found by clicking on the Manuals menu located at the top of the screen from within the IVA+Plus Main Options or any report or data analysis screen. The “Administration Manual” covers topics related to database management, database security, proper procedures for administering the IVA+Plus among other topics. The “Interpretation Manual” covers in great detail the research history of the IVA+Plus including in-depth discussions of the validity and reliability studies for IVA+Plus, along with in-depth discussions of each of the 85 IVA+Plus scales and how to use these scales in your interpretation.

Various other documents are available to facilitate the use of the IVA+Plus test. The “Interpretative FlowChart” is available via any Help menu from within IVA+Plus. TheĀ “Interpretative FlowChart” provides a 13 step, logic tree that may be used to facilitate the interpretation of the IVA+Plus test to arrive at a working diagnosis. Also available from Help are the “Summary of IVA+Plus Scales” which is an abridged Interpretation document for each data analysis scale set. This document provides basic definitions for each scale without the statistical derivation information that is provided in the Interpretation manual. The “Summary of IVA+Plus Scales” document is intended to be used a quick reference guide and NOT as a substitute for reading the Interpretation Manual.

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