Where do I find the Manuals for the IVA+Plus / IVA-AE Test?

The manuals for the each test can be accessed from within the each respective program. From the Test Battery II, select one of the available tsts (IVA-AE Continuous Performance Test or IVA+Plus Continuous Performance Test) and press the green, Start button at the bottom of the screen.

From the Test Admin screen (large grey screen with buttons in the center), look in the upper left corner where you will see a selection of menus including File, Manuals, Norms, and Help. The Interpretive and Administration Manual can both be accessed in PDF format under the “Manuals” menu. There are also several PDF documents under the “Help” menu that can be useful such as “Summary of Scales” and the “Interpretive Flowchart.” The “Summary” document provides a definition for each of the scales without all the extra description and theory covered in the manual, basically a quick reference. The “Interpretive Flowchart” provides a step-by-step logic tree for interpreting test results.

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